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Nursing School: Getting Ahead of Nursing School Waiting Lists

 by Greg Cryns

In the United States there is currently a nursing shortage. One of the reasons this shortage exists is the fact that nursing schools canít accommodate the number of students needed to relieve the medical community.


            As a result, there are many people who want to become nurses, but are placed on waiting lists.  If youíre interested in becoming a nurse and have been placed on a waiting list at your school of choice, you may want to find ways to get to the top of the list. If you want to become a registered nurse (RN) you may want to try 

becoming a licensed vocational nurse (LVN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) first.  These programs are usually about one year and are offered at local community colleges. 


Once you become on LVN or LPN, you can then find a nursing program that is known as a bridge program.  This will help you to earn your RN and prevent you from sitting on lengthy waiting lists.


            At the same time you can work as an LVN and gain practical experience while youíre in nursing school.  LVN and LPN positions donít pay a high salary, but they can help get you closer to having the RN that you really want.


            If you already have a degree, you may be able to find an accelerated program that allows you to earn a bachelorís in nursing in a shorter amount of time.  This type of program will also keep you off of lengthy waiting lists.


            You may also be able to attend nursing school sooner if youíre willing to relocate.  Some nursing programs have longer waiting lists than others.  If youíre willing to move, you might be able to find a school away from home thatís more likely to accept you right away.  You can find a list of these schools at discovernursing.com.


            In addition, you can shorten your wait time by presenting the best application possible.  If you have community service in the healthcare field or previous job experience in it, you may be more appealing to a nursing school.  Taking some science courses may also help you to be ahead of the competition.  Make sure that you have the highest grade point average possible as well.


            Nursing school will open a world of career opportunities, but thereís nothing more frustrating than discovering what you really want to do and being forced to wait.  But if youíre willing to make some sacrifices you can achieve your dreams.


            If you find that you canít escape the waiting list, try to be patient.  In the meantime you can try to get jobs in the medical field that provide you with experience you can use later.  You can also volunteer with local organizations to gain knowledge and experience. 



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