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Nursing School: Earning Your Nursing Education Online

by Greg Cryns


  There are many opportunities to earn educational hours and degrees online, but it is right for you?  There are many factors you should consider before you make the commitment to an online education.

            If you have virtually no nursing training, you wonít be able to complete your nursing education online.  You may be able to take some of your coursework online, but youíll be required to practice in clinical settings before you can become a registered nurse. If you donít have a nursing degree or experience, you may find that an 

online education doesnít give you all that you really need to have a successful career.  Hands-on instruction is often very valuable and necessary in your early training.

            However, if you are already a registered nurse with either an associateís or bachelorís degree online education may be the right choice.  As a professional, you work busy hours and need to have flexibility that traditional education canít always provide.

            An online education can help you earn your bachelorís or masterís degree in nursing if youíre already a registered nurse.  You can also earn specialty certificates through online coursework.

            While online education is convenient and flexible, it does require you to be a self-motivated learner.  Youíll be able to work at your own pace, but youíll also have timelines and due dates in many cases.  If youíre someone who tends to procrastinate and put off your reading and assignments, online education may not be the best choice for you.           

            In addition, if youíre someone who learns more effectively from hands-on instruction and live lectures, online instruction may not give you what you need.  Your education with a cyber class will depend on your ability to get what you need from reading and asking questions through emails and discussion forums.

            But if youíre looking for a program that allows you to work a full-time job while maintaining a heavy course load, an online degree program could be a perfect fit.  This is especially true if youíre organized and work well independently. 

            Many professionals have found that online degree programs are much more attainable than a traditional college setting.  While they maintain high standards in the curriculum, they provide the flexibility needed to continue employment.

            Online education also works well for those who live in more rural areas and donít have access to a college campus.  As long as you have Internet access, youíll have access to a quality education.



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