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Do You Have What It Takes To Get Your Nursing Degree At Home?

by Greg Cryns

Not long ago it was impossible to get your nursing degree without attending a brick and mortar university. Today you can use the internet to complete many of the courses necessary to finish your degree in nursing. Much of the problem for most people is that they simply live too far from a regular college to take in classes in person. Now you can get your degree in nursing or many other courses of study from your home using your computer.

I know a very resourceful and highly motivated woman who obtained her nursing degree at the age of 45 using the internet and Regents College, a distance learning  school out of New York that allowed her to use credits she had earned from other colleges.

schools she attended over the years. Her practical exams were administered by college officials in a nearby state. Subsequent to obtaining her RN degree she also earned her bachelor degree from Indiana University. She never saw that campus nor attended her graduation there.

You need to be a self-starter and very motivated to complete online courses. Many people either give up and quit or turn to regular offline schools to finish their degrees. 

Do you have a habit of finishing what you start? Do you need the money? Do you need the sense of accomplishment? Are you sure nursing is the right career for you? These are all important factors that will make or break you in this endeavor.

Follow your heart and dream but be alert to stumbling blocks along the way. This is a very challenging schooling adventure.



Greg Cryns is the owner of Nursing Programs Online

Greg Cryns is the owner of Nursing Programs Online, http://www.nursingprogramsonline.com .
The website explores online and offline nursing schools, nursing jobs and nursing careers.





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