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Applying to Nursing School When the Time is Right


            If you’re interested in applying to nursing school, there are all sorts of things you need to consider.  One of those is making application in a timely manner.  You want to make sure that you apply at the right time for the school you want to attend.


            If you’re a high school student thinking about a career in nursing, you need to begin thinking about it seriously at the end of your junior year or at the beginning of your senior year in order to go straight into school. For those who are returning to school from the work world or having taken a break from school, 

you’ll want to make preparations for applying to nursing school as soon as possible because many nursing schools have a wait list.


            The first thing you need to find out is the specific deadlines for the school’s that you’re interested in attending.  It’s critical that you get all of your application materials in before the deadlines or you’ll miss the chance to start at the earliest semester.


            For entrance into nursing school in the fall, you should expect deadlines in the previous spring and summer.  If you miss those deadlines, you can apply for the spring semester during the fall.


            Preparing to send in your application isn’t as simple as filling out a little paperwork.  So you need to give yourself several months to prepare before applying.  Many nursing schools require a standard exam called the TABE.  You’ll need to make arrangements to take the required tests in advance so that your scores can be sent in before the deadline.


            To find out what exam your nursing program requires, you’ll need to contact them directly.  Once you know which exam to take, contact the administrator to find out test dates and deadlines.


            In addition, you’ll need to get your transcripts organized of any previous coursework you’ve taken.  You’ll also want to gather letters of recommendation and you may be required to complete an essay.


            All of these steps require time and attention to detail.  You may need extra time to prepare for the standardized test.  You’ll also need to give your references plenty of time to complete solid recommendation letters.


            The bottom line is that the sooner you begin your applications the better.  In general, it can take months to complete all of the application requirements and if you wait until the last minute, you may miss out on the opportunity to start school when you’d like.



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