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Nursing Scrubs: Dressing For Success as a Nurse

 by Greg Cryns

            As a nurse, youíre probably looking forward to a career wearing the basic uniform of scrubs.  And while some hospitals and clinics require that you wear a specific color or style, many work environments allow you to be a little more stylish in your scrubs.

            No longer do you have to wear solid color scrubs that hang off of your frame.  In todayís nursing fashion, there are many patterns and styles to choose from.  Scrubs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit even the pickiest nurse. In fact, you can now find entire stores dedicated to fashion forward scrub uniforms.  

These are designed for nurses and other healthcare professionals who need the ease and comfort that scrubs provide, but want to maintain a sense of style.

            No matter what you like, youíll be sure to find a uniform that fits your fancies.  For example, you can find scrubs with cartoon characters, favorite animals, retro prints, child themes, and fashionable solid colors.  You can also find scrubs that have a little bit of stretch, which helps to improve the comfort and movement in your clothing. 

            In addition, you can find styles that you prefer such as tapered leg or boot cut bottoms.  Many tops now come with tapered waists instead of boxy cuts.   When you go to try on scrubs, make sure to try on as many different styles as you can.

You may feel like you wonít look good in a specific style, but thereís no way to know unless youíve actually seen it on your body.  You also need to make sure it feels comfortable and you can move easily in the uniform. 

When it comes to scrubs, you can find just about whatever youíre looking for.  But what if you canít?  There are many options for someone who canít find the kind of scrubs they want at their local retailers. 

Online stores offer many choices for someone who prefers to shop on the Internet from the comfort of their home or office.  You can also find gently used scrubs through auction sites such as eBay.  

            In addition, you can also purchase patterns to sew your own scrub uniforms.  In that case you can choose any fabric you like and make modifications to the pattern to fit your preferences.

            Just because you wear a uniform doesnít mean you have to be a slave to it.  You can customize your scrubs to show off your personal style and preferences while still maintaining comfort and durability you need from your work clothes.



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