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Travel Nursing – An Adventure Awaits 

by Greg Cryns


 For some people, the idea of working at the same place day after day is a little boring.  If you have a little bit of wanderlust and you’re a licensed healthcare professional, you may want to consider travel nursing.


            Travel nurses work in temporary positions – anywhere from eight weeks to a calendar year.  The average assignment is 13 weeks.  You’re hired to relieve healthcare facilities that are overburdened for a specific amount of time. For example, an employee may need to take a medical leave or a clinic may 

have increased workload due to seasonal tourism.  There are any number of reasons why a healthcare facility would need a temporary employee.


            Sometimes a temporary assignment can turn into a permanent job.  So this is something you may also want to consider if you’re currently unemployed and want to shop around for a permanent position without making a real commitment.


            Travel nursing is a lot like working with a temporary employment agency.  You’ll sign up with a service and then the agency will call you when they find a good match for your qualifications and your desires.  Once you and the medical facility agree that it’s a good match, you’ll be off to work.


            This can be a great way for you to get paid to travel all over the country in various positions.  You can also earn a very good living – making anywhere from $22-40 per hour.  Because many temporary positions furnish housing as well, you’ll really be saving money in living expenses.  In fact, the housing facilities for traveling nurses are generally very high quality and are prepared before you arrive complete with furniture.


            If you’re not sure where you want to put down roots, you want to try out a facility before you make a commitment, or you just enjoy seeing the country travel nursing may be right for you.


            Your first step to becoming a travel nurse is to find an agency that provides this service.  There are several to choose from.  Once you’ve chosen a good agency, you can begin the paperwork and the matching process.


            Travel nurses are in demand, just as all nurses are at this time.  If you want to work only a few weeks a year you can, but if you’re looking for work throughout the year you should have no trouble finding enough placements.  If you enjoy trying new things, meeting new people, working in new environments, and having freedom and flexibility – this is the perfect career for you!



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