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Nursing Careers: Finding Employment Through a Nursing Agency

 by Greg Cryns


  If you’re ready to find employment in the health field, you may consider using a nursing agency to match you with the perfect employer.  Nursing agencies work like other employment agencies.  They work to match prospective nurses with facilities that need them. A nursing agency can provide temporary positions only or can set 

you up with an employer who is looking to fill a permanent position.  In exchange for this service, nursing agencies are paid a fee by the healthcare facility that is searching for an employee. 


            Facilities often use nursing agencies because it saves them time and effort.  The agency does all the screening so that the facility can streamline the hiring process.  In addition, going through an agency makes it easier to let someone go and find a new replacement or hire people for seasonal positions that aren’t needed year round.


            If you’re a nurse looking for employment, you may want to use a nursing agency for several reasons.  First, a nursing agency will allow you to try out a hospital or doctor’s office without making a huge commitment.  If you don’t like the facility, you only have to contact the agency to leave.  If you enjoy working there, you can try to become hired permanently.


            A nursing agency will do all the work for you.  You won’t have to read the classifieds or make the phone calls – that’s the job of your agency.  Instead, you’ll just be matched up with jobs that make sense with your skills and experience.  It can take the headache out of finding a position.


            In addition, nursing agencies make it easy to find employment when you need it.  You can usually get right to work.  So if you just need a little extra income, a nursing agency can be a great choice.


            Finally, nursing agencies are a great choice if you’re interested in travel nursing.  In fact, they’re necessary if you want to be a travel nurse.  They do all the legwork for you including providing housing.  You just have to show up when your assignment starts and do your job.


            However, if you’re looking for a stable job in your local area you may not need to go through an agency.  Because of the nursing shortage, many medical facilities are hiring nurses by the dozen.  


            If there’s a facility that you’re already interested in or you already have connections that may help you find employment, a nursing agency may not be necessary.  In any case you should never pay an employment agency to find a nursing job for you.  Most legitimate agencies work by charging the employer instead of you.



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