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Nursing Careers: A Great Career for Men!

by Greg Cryns



When you think of nursing, your mind may automatically jump to the idea of a female filling the role.  But nursing is a great career for men as well.  While you may be outnumbered as a male nurse (only 6% of nurses are males), you can still enjoy the opportunity of an exciting and rewarding career.


            In fact, more men are beginning to become interested in nursing and nursing schools expect the number of men in the profession to grow.  In fact, school often value diversity and make recruiting male nurses a top priority.  So it may even increase your opportunity for acceptance into a nursing program.            Some people 

have a stereotypical idea of what nursing entails.  While patient care is a huge part of it and something you may enjoy, itís not the only option.  Nursing offers vast opportunities to become an administrator, researcher, and can allow you to be on the leading edge of technology in medicine.


            As a male nurse youíll have opportunities to work in a variety of settings.  From hospitals to health clinics, male nurses can work in any type of specialty.  People who are willing to work as military nurses and flight nurses are in demand. 


            Nursing also allows you to have the flexibility you need to spend time with your family while still providing a good income.  You also have the option to work anywhere in the world.  Whether you just want to work in your hometown or youíre interested in traveling the world, nursing is a great career pathway for men.


            This field may be especially appealing for you if youíre interested in the medical field, but are a little bit older.  While it may seem daunting for someone in their 40s to go to 12 years of medical school, it may seem a little more realistic to attend nursing school for 2-4 years.  And once youíve achieved your bachelorís degree, you can continue to get a masterís and work as a nurse practitioner.


            Nurse practitioners offer many of the same services as physicians.  They evaluate patients, make diagnoses, and prescribe medication.  But instead of more than a decade of education, nurse practitioners go to school for about 6 years.  And during much of that time you can work full-time.


            The salaries for nursing are very good.  The median income for a registered nurse is $50,000 -$60,000.  And administrative positions and advanced practice nurses can make much more than that.


            If youíre a man looking to start a new career or even change careers midlife, nursing may be a great option for you.  Contact your local nursing schools to get information on what you need to do to apply for their program.



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