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The Benefits Of Healing Touch Nursing

 by Greg Cryns

Healing touch nursing is an alternative treatment that can complement conventional medical and nursing care. Healing touch is basically the art of using the bodyís energy to heal itself. A therapeutic touch trained nurse will place her hands over the body of a sick patient and the 

energy that comes from the nurse will aid in the healing process. Therapeutic touch is not scientifically proven to work, but a lot of patients swear they have benefited from it. Read on to discover a little more about the art of healing touch nursing.

Any nurse can become a healing touch nurse. It does not take an advanced degree. There are training sessions that you can attend to learn the proper way to do therapeutic touch. The most established therapeutic touch organization is Nurse Healers Professional Associates International. You can obtain a certification through them.

A healing touch nurse may work in a hospital setting. They are often used in hospice settings and even in the ICU. A healing touch nurse can be used anywhere there are sick and hurting people. Therapeutic touch has been known to help with pain and to help the patient relax so that proper healing can take place.

During a therapeutic touch session, the patient is asked to lie very  still. The healing touch nurse will then place her hands just a few inches above the patients body. The nurse will move her hands slowly and rhythmically down the patients body, allowing the positive energy from her hands to flow into the patientís body. Many people will report a feeling heat and moving energy. Some people will go into a total relaxed state, while others will have healing emotional experiences.

A healing touch nurse pay starts the same as any other nurseís pay. An entry level nurse will start out at around $30,000 to $40,000 per year. It depends on the geographical location, years of experience, the size of the facility and other factors.

Many people are looking for alternative methods of healing as conventional medicine becomes more expensive and dangerous. People are now looking for help without side effects. Healing touch nursing is of no danger to the patient and does not induce any side effects or pose any safety risk.  If you live in a larger metropolitan area, you may be able to find a healing touch or Reiki clinic in your local area. Just remember that this is not to be used to replace conventional treatments. It is meant to enhance the conventional medical treatments for optimum healing.

If you are looking for something that you can do that will have a great benefit to your patients, try healing touch nursing. Being able to help someone who is sick or hurting is the biggest reward you could ever get.


Greg Cryns is the owner of Nursing Programs Online

Greg Cryns is the owner of Nursing Programs Online, http://www.nursingprogramsonline.com .
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