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Nursing Careers: Considering Critical Care Nursing

by Greg Cryns


Many people believe that once they earn a nursing degree and become a registered nurse (RN) their education is complete.  And while a nursing degree opens a whole world of opportunity, it doesn稚 stop with an RN.


            If you池e interested in working with people during life-threatening situations, you may want to consider becoming a critical care registered nurse or CCRN.  Not 

only will you increase the excitement in your career, you値l also increase your earning potential. You may be concerned that you値l have to spend a lot more time going to classes and taking exhausting certification exams while you池e not being paid.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.


            Most major hospitals offer certification courses as well as the opportunity to take the exam.  Once you池e enrolled in a class, it will take about a semester to complete the coursework. 


            After only a one-semester investment, you値l be qualified for special duties including working in intensive care units and critical care units.  You値l also be able to work in telemetry, a special branch of medicine that deals with patients who have abnormal heart function. 


These specialized units of the hospital deal with patients who have the most critical and life-threatening conditions.  You値l work intensively with patients who need constant monitoring.


And while you値l be working more intensely with your patients, you値l be working with fewer patients every shift.  You値l also be making more money because of the special skills you致e learned in patient care.


To get more information about this exciting field, contact your local hospitals to find out if they offer the training you need.  Many hospitals offer programs that provide on the job training.


That means that you値l be learning while you work.  In addition to receiving free training, you値l also be paid a salary.  In some cases, hospitals require that you commit to work for them a specific length of time after your training.


So if you enjoy working in situations that require you to focus on small numbers of patients while providing intensive care, critical care nursing could be for you.  You may want to explore opportunities for expanding your education to get the CCRN certification.



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